Specialised electrical for luxury and boutique home builders.

ADCO Black

ADCO Black is a specialised division within ADCO Electrics that will be able to cater for the different demands of our luxury home builders whilst still backed by ADCO’s competitive pricing, purchasing, OHS and western power accreditation systems.

ADCO Black will have myself as your ONE point of contact via mobile for all job bookings and onsite queries.

ADCO Black services will only be offered to luxury builders and boutique homes with an electrical value over $20,000 and or a construction value over $700,000.

ADCO Black will have a 50/50 split of tradesman and apprentices.

ADCO Black will have the one tradesman handling the job from conception to completion and will encourage direct interaction with the building supervisors and the onsite electrical tradesman.

ADCO Black will attend all job sites within a 5 day booking window.

Tony Bahbah


0423 787 356