ADCO encourages a culture of empowerment and delegation
of responsibility.

“We believe in all our employees and that has been the key to our growth and success.”- Adam Di Placido, Managing Director

ADCO's Mission and Values

  • Strive for excellence
  • Health and safety
  • Social responsibility
  • Determination and enthusiasm

The ADCO Family

"As ADCO's first ever apprentice and employee I am as passionate and happy about my employment now as I was when I started in 2003.

Now I head up the biggest side of ADCO Electris as Residential Manager."

- Luke Kostarelas, Residential Manager

Social Club

At ADCO we believe that rest, relaxation and social interaction during non-working hours is just as important as hard work on-site.

Our employees have the option of joining our social club and attending any of the multiple social events run throughout the year.

Make a Difference

At ADCO we believe in giving back to the community.

Charity and community service events are regularly organised for our staff to participate in, giving them a sense of reward and accomplishment, whilst helping the wider community.